Broth Stars

A bowl of ramen with meat and sliced egg
Tonkatsu ramen at The Ramen Shop


Guests who snagged a table for last Thursday’s Ramen Pop-Up at Noblesville’s 9th Street Bistro noticed an announcement on the back of the evening’s menu. The owners, James Beard Award semifinalist chef Samir Mohammad and Rachel Firestone Mohammad, used the bottom margin to announce their next restaurant venture, The Ramen Shop (856 Logan St., Noblesville).

A local favorite that has also garnered national recognition, the tiny Hamilton County restaurant is known for its scratch-kitchen approach to casual fine dining and its series of themed community dinners, including the ramen pop-ups that allowed chef Samir to workshop his recipes for miso shoyu and tonkotsu, as well as his delicious take on a variety of Asian dishes, such as Korean fried chicken, sausage lumpia, and steamed buns stuffed with crispy pork belly.

The Ramen Shop is set to open early next year inside the Lacy Arts Building, a downtown Noblesville landmark that is currently undergoing renovations to accommodate new businesses on the Courthouse Square.