Business Is Booming at the New Boogie Burger

It may have moved to its new digs because of growing pains at its original location, but customers are already lined up out the door and filling every seat at the new Boogie Burger (1904 Broad Ripple Ave., 255-2450). If that address sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the landmark home of the old Wild West-themed Tin Star, known by Indianapolis children for decades as the place where you could eat your breaded tenderloin in a jail cell. It hasn’t exactly been the site for business success of late, having recently been a barbecue joint, a Pizza King, and the short-lived home of the Red Eye Cafe. But with a burger formula as successful as Boogie Burger’s, owner Mark Radford has the best chance of success at his business’ new home. Not only does the new spot expand the indoor seating from 14 to 40, but it also provides a parking lot and more incentive to dine in during cooler months and inclement weather. Given the run on seats, you might want to get your order to go, but the big, well-dressed burgers are essentially as delicious as they were at the old place, whether you go straightforward or get yours topped with pastrami, pineapple, or Serrano chiles.