Clarification: Kelties Restaurant

In our weekly e-newsletter this past Tuesday, we noted that Kelties in Westfield has closed. That is not the case, though the owner intends to close in September if she does not sell the restaurant. This news means that diners who relish high-quality comfort food should make their way post haste to Westfield.

Here’s our entry on Kelties that appeared in the magazine’s January issue, in our “40 Favorite Restaurants” feature:

Comfort beyond measure seems the motto of Kelties Restaurant, tucked into Westfield’s downtown. The spot is warm and inviting, with plucky, knowledgeable service and a classic, no-frills feel. The weekend brunch buffet boasts an array of treats, from seafood to bread pudding, for $22.95. Big Tip: Want to ensure something’s on the menu that weekend? Call ahead, and Kelties will have it ready when you arrive. 110 S. Union St., Westfield, 867-3525,

>> BONUS: Kelties was also a “Best of Indy” winner in December 2011 for its bread pudding:

Before pastry chefs started making it with Krispy Kremes, bread pudding was just a way to use up day-old bread in a creamy, straightforwardly sweet dessert—like the version served at Kelties, which adds little but cream, eggs, butter, and a caramel sauce that will have you licking the spoon.

Photos courtesy of Kelties’ Facebook page