Dishes of the Year: Sticky Toffee Pudding at Late Harvest Kitchen

By Thom England, Culinary Arts Program Coordinator, Ivy Tech Community College of Central Indiana I love desserts

almost as much as I love a great main dish. So I had long wanted to try this gooey, rich dessert our friends had raved about. The last time I’d dined at Late Harvest Kitchen (8605 River Crossing, 317-663-8063), they’d been out of the pudding. But in late summer, my wife, Karen, and I returned with some friends after a busy week, and we knew we had to order it. After cocktails and a great, relaxing meal, this was perfect. The pudding is undeniably sweet, but its acidic undertones keep it from being cloying. It’s got body, but it melts in your mouth. Karen and I were going to split it, but when our friends saw our reaction, they had to try some, too. Chef (Ryan) Nelson first had it with his wife on his honeymoon, so it’s no wonder he takes such care to make it special.

See more Dishes of the Year here. This article appeared in Menu Guide 2014.