Fish Tale: Skuna Bay Salmon

If you’re a salmon fan, you’ve probably recently seen the name Skuna Bay Salmon on a number of menus. We’ve seen it at The Oceanaire (30 S. Meridian St., 317-955-2277), The Local Eatery and Pub (14655 N. Gray Rd, Westfield, 317-218-3786), Kona Jack’s (9419 N. Meridian St., 317-843-1609), Harry & Izzy’s (153 S. Illinois St. 317-635-9594), and Goose the Market (2503 N. Delaware St., 317-924-4944).
What’s it all about? We caught up with Tim Lelliott, a Skuna Bay fishermen, and Mark Marlar, the executive chef at The Oceanaire, and we’ve determined that Skuna Bay does to salmonas Greg Gunthorp does to pigs.
Skuna Bay Salmon, runs a farm near Vancouver Island which aims to produce salmon in a way that doesn’t despoil the area and that produces fish with a similar texture and flavor profile to wild salmon. Their fish pens are 98.5 percent water and only 1.5 percent fish, as close to the salmon’s natural environment as possible. And because they have the ability to swim in strong tidal currents, they build up a thick, muscular belly. The result? A pristine blue-eyed fish with a fresh and mild taste and a firm texture.
Skuna Bay has been available in larger cities like Los Angeles and Chicago since November, and they’re swimming their way into the hearts of salmon fans everywhere.
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Audio courtesy of B105.7 “Mornings with Sean Copeland”