Foodie Couples: Perfect Pairings

In (and out of) the kitchen with these pairs presently heating up the local dining scene.

Chris & Mollie Eley

Co-owners: Smoking Goose and Goose the Market

When they met: In the sixth grade at Belzer Middle School.

Married since: 2006. 

Served at their wedding: A family-style course of small plates, including smoked salmon and peach salad, followed by quail and scallops. 

Date night: A Colts game or dinner at Bluebeard.



Craig & Kait Mariutto

Him: Owner/Operator, Shoefly Public House

Her: Aesthetics coordinator, Shoefly Public House. 

How they met: Hiking in the Calico Basin west of Las Vegas. 

Married since: 2008. 

Any food-related traditions in your household? Shalimar Indian buffet on Christmas. 

Biggest challenge of working together in a restaurant? Kait: “Convincing him to agree with me.”



Laura & Tyler Henderson

Him: Farm manager, Growing Places Indy.

Her: Executive director, Growing Places Indy.

When they met: In the spring of 2001 at a Butler University study-abroad orientation. 

Married since: 2002. 

Typical breakfast: A smoothie, muesli, a hot drink, and toast with homemade almond butter and local honey.




Jonathan & Ashley Brooks

Him: Chef de cuisine, Recess; chef/owner, Milktooth, opening in April. 

Her: Owner/Administrative manager, Milktooth.

Married in: April 2012, guerrilla-style at IMA’s 100 Acres.

Cravings: Jonathan: “Her pecan sticky buns.” Ashley: “His sweet-tea–brined fried chicken with chicken-liver gravy.”




David & Becky Hostetter

Him: General manager, Duos, and waiter at St. Elmo Steak House since 1986.

Her: Chef/Co-owner, Duos.

How they met: Skinny-dipping in Bloomington.

First date: Becky’s senior prom. David: “We painted our faces. Becky had on a formal dress made by her friend Anna. I had on an old ’30s tux. We almost weren’t allowed in.” 

Married since: 1973. 

Wedding cake: Red velvet.



Matt Ewer & Elizabeth Blessing

Founders: Green Bean Delivery

How they met: At Elizabeth’s 19th birthday party at IU. She was a sophomore, and he was a freshman. Elizabeth: “There was a deep conversation about Jethro Tull’s Thick as a Brick album.” Matt: “I didn’t see her again for about a year as she took a break from IU. When I saw her again, she was riding a bike just off campus. I hit the brakes in my 1973 lime-green Pontiac LeMans and invited her to a good old-fashioned house party.”

Married since: 2003.

Served at their wedding: An assortment of vegetable and salad dishes, along with sliced meats and cheeses.

What is the best thing in your partner’s cooking repertoire? Elizabeth: “His eggs over-easy with goat cheese.”


Matt & Darcie Kornmeyer

Owners: Scratchtruck

How they met: In 1999, Matt was bartending at a hotel bar in Dallas, and Darcie was there for a Southwest Airlines training class.

Married since: 2004.

Served at their wedding: Filet and stuffed chicken with whipped potatoes and asparagus.

What is the best thing in your partner’s cooking repertoire? Matt: “Her pork chops.” Darcie: “His lemon chicken.”

Date night: A nice dinner, a few glasses of wine, and a nightcap at their old hangout, Mass Ave Pub.

Any food-related traditions in your household? Darcie: “Spaghetti and salad once a week. I make the salad.”


Kevin & Richelle Rider

Owners: Divvy and Woodys Library Restaurant

Married since: 2005.

Served at their wedding: A variety of appetizers, eight types of cake, and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

What is the best thing in your partner’s cooking repertoire? Richelle: “His microwave corn on the cob.”

Did you have to make any adjustments in your cooking to accommodate the other’s tastes? Kevin: “I eat more ‘rabbit food’ than I would normally.” Richelle: “I am forbidden to cook liver.”


Photos by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the February 2014 issue.