Indy’s Top 10 Hot Chocolates

3 Sisters Cafe

The strawberry-crowned hot cocoa at 3 Sisters is just as memorable as the hom—a mug of steamed milk blended with honey and cinnamon. 3 Sisters Cafe, 6623 Guilford Ave., 317-257-5556


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Nicey Treat

If you’re the kind of person who insists on iced tea and Frappuccinos even when there’s snow on the ground, you’ll probably be a fan of Nicey Treat’s Not-So-Hot Chocolate frozen pop. Nicey Treat, 916 Westfield Blvd., 317-602-6423  

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South Bend Chocolate Company

While the South Bend Chocolate Company serves a mean cup of the classic stuff, their more adventurous variants—such as the cayenne-spiked Mexican twist—are well worth the trip outside your comfort zone. South Bend Chocolate Company, 30 N. Meridian St., 317-951-4816

I scheduled a meeting here just so I could order this.

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The Best Chocolate in Town

After you’ve experienced the rich, melty sweetness that’s ladled out daily at The Best Chocolate in Town, it’s hard to spare even a passing glance at the freeze-dried Swiss Miss languishing in your pantry. The Best Chocolate In Town, 880 Massachusetts Ave., 317-636-2800

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Cake Bake Shop

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Broad Ripple’s Cake Bake Shop doesn’t exactly take a no-frills approach to the cocoa game. Depending on the intensity of your chocolate lust, you can either play it safe with the beloved classic or pull out all the stops with a cup of decadent cream-based sipping chocolate. The Cake Bake Shop, 6515 Carrollton Ave., 317-257-2253

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Traders Point Creamery

The super-thick chocolate milk at Traders Point Creamery is a legend in its own right, so maybe it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that their cold-weather alternative is every bit as tasty. (Be sure to try the eggnog, too.)  Traders Point Creamery, 9101 Moore Rd., Zionsville, 317-733-1700


Time and time again, BRICS has proven itself as much more than just a hot-weather hangout—cream-topped mugs of cocoa and DIY s’mores are a match made in sugar heaven. BRICS, 901 E. 64th St., 317-257-5757

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The Garfield Eatery & Coffee

This intermingling of strawberry syrup and white chocolate is almost too sweet (key word: “almost”). The Garfield Eatery & Coffee, 2627 Shelby St., 317-780-1728

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Chocolate for the Spirit

Whip up some Cocoa for the Spirit—a gourmet mix inspired by the confections at Chocolate for the Spirit—when carolers come knocking at your door. (Or just make some for yourself while you watch Netflix in your Snuggie, because who actually goes caroling these days?) Chocolate for the Spirit, 222 E. Market St.; 301 E. Carmel Dr., Carmel,  317-518-8842

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Coal Yard Coffee

On the off chance that Coal Yard’s pecan-pie latte isn’t up your alley, their rich chocolate is just as suitable for a cozy winter afternoon. Coal Yard Coffee, 5547 Bonna Ave., 317-929-1297