Introducing: Geraldine’s Supper Club & Lounge

Well Aged: Dan Jarman trade butcher paper for white tablecloths at Geraldine’s.

If the year were 1975 and a young Dan Jarman were out to dinner with his parents at the Vesper Club in Philadelphia, he would be sipping a Shirley Temple. Swap it out for a gimlet, and you have the throwback joint Jarman opened in October at the corner of English Avenue and Shelby Street as an homage to the classy dinner spots of his youth. Named for his mother, some of whose recipes show up on the menu, Geraldine’s Supper Club & Lounge is a sophisticated departure for the Fat Dan’s Deli owner, known for his Chicago dogs and dirty tots. But from thick-cut steaks to vintage church lights, Jarman has brought the soul of a midcentury supper club to life.

Geraldine’s Supper Club & Lounge
1101 English Ave., 317-600-3336