Last Call for American Craft Beer Week

As American Craft Beer Week draws to an end, let us toast the best of the fermented offerings around town.

Rookie Award

This week, downtown’s most sublime spot to get a pint opened its doors. St. Joseph Brewery & Public House (540 N. College Ave., 317-602-5670) is located in a Lockerbie iconthe former St. Joseph’s church, with architecture and sheer grandness nothing short of inspiring. Take the winding staircase to the second floor for a bird’s-eye view of the brewery.


Best Dressed

Flat 12 Bierwerks (414 N. Dorman St., 317-635-2337) has doctored up its well-loved Hinchtown Hammer Down release this week with a new can design. The brew itself also has a bit more to it, as the beer is now being lagered.


The Unsung Hero

Preserve Greater Indy has been hosting a series of tours around Central Indiana with a focus on historic breweries. This week, tour-goers got to see one of the only pre-Prohibition beer locations in the state: the site of Indiana City Brewing Co. (24 Shelby St., 317-643-1103). The hashtag #BeerSavesPlaces is a good way to track where the group is going next.


Most Likely to Succeed

The Wild + Sour + Funk festival from Upland will make its fourth appearance on Saturday (2–6 p.m.) at City Market. The event will host 27 breweries from around the country. Some of Upland’s lambics boast over three pounds of fresh fruitoften local or even foraged. Tip: If you want a preview or couldn’t snag a ticket, head to Tomlinson Tap Room tonight to sample a few of the pours.


Class Clown

Scarlet Lane Brewing Company (7724 Depot St., McCordsville, 317-336-1590) has been hosting a series of movie nights. This week, arriving at 8 pounds, 6 ounces, is Talladega Nights as a nod to auto racing. The Saturday 7 p.m. showing costs $30 and includes two beers, popcorn, and a Punch Burger.