New in Town: Plat 99

Located on the second level of the modern Alexander hotel, the high-end hot cocktail spot Plat 99 is fantastically hip (or annoying, depending on your disposition for designer libations). The sparkling space exudes catalog-cool, with white-on-chrome community tables, soft, low-slung chairs, colorful Mexican tile, and brightly colored lanterns.

Chic snacks like oysters, sushi, and cheese and meat boards are served at the bar, along with short-rib paninis, pork arepas, and foie gras profiteroles. And a spirit of historical authenticity guides the cocktails. General manager Michael Gray (formerly of The Libertine) has made sure of that, with a timeline-themed menu based on the year the libation was invented. Feeling Victorian? Order an Absinthe concoction, served with a sugar cube and water. Or go back to the 1980s and slurp on a tart Cosmopolitan. If you were going to dress the part, though, we’d prefer to see petticoats and crinoline, not spandex and Aqua Net hair-poufs. 333 S. Delaware St., 855-200-3002.
Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the March 2013 issue.