Sangrita Saloon Is Casting Its Line In Fishers

“Sangrita Saloon grown up” is how co-owner Tarek Mercho describes the cozy Broad Ripple cocktail bar’s new Fishers location, Sangrita Grill & Cantina. He’s not kidding. While the original spot consists of 1,200 square feet of dark interiors on a low-key side street, the new one at The Yard at Fishers District is a two-story feast for the eyes, with over 5,000 square feet inside (plus another 1,200 on the patio), 22-foot ceilings, and two big walls of windows. Mercho and his team designed the new concept as a more family-centric experience, expanding the original menu to include options like fajitas, and Mercho’s favorite new addition—nachos. “We hate it when nachos have a boatload of chips, but 80 percent of them don’t have toppings or are soggy at the bottom,” he says. Sangrita’s answer to this sad dilemma is a single layer of long-cut (and house-fried) tostada strips, arranged in a circle and covered with toppings from end to end. “Almost like a nacho pizza,” says Mercho. The Yard at Fishers District,