Sink Your Teeth Into Mochi Joy

Mochi Joy doughnuts

WE FIRST reported on Noblesville’s VFW Post being an unlikely setting for Hawaii-inspired doughnut shop Mochi Joy back in May. But for graphic designer Tom Nguyen and wife and co-owner Rachel Burnett, the commercial kitchen that has served as a startup for food trucks and other culinary enterprises is a perfect fit for frying up their light-as-air rings of rice and wheat flour. Nguyen had fallen in love with them in his native California and always dreamed of making his own in Indiana. Little did he know that his first batches of salty-sweet potato chip–chocolate, Philippine-inflected ube with purple yam, and bright blueberry doughnuts would be so popular they’d sell out in minutes. 654 S. 9th St., Noblesville, 463-266-0021,