Soupremacy Spoons It Up

Just off Monument Circle, a new soup cafe’s stock is rising.

A recently opened soup shop is stirring things up just steps away from Monument Circle. Ladling out fresh mixtures whipped up by local toque Tony Hanslits (currently an executive chef at The Chef’s Academy and co-owner of Nicole-Taylor’s Pasta and Market), Soupremacy landed in the 500-square-foot location in January. A counter with literature-themed offerings includes warming renditions of red-pepper curry; broccoli cheddar; Tuscan white bean with steamed kale and potatoes; and a thick, sweet tomato bisque. Traditionalists can opt for chicken noodle with homemade shell pasta or Hanslits’s rich chili, made with slow-cooked beef, beans, and five types of peppers. Soups come with a piece of bread from Bluebeard-based Amelia’s Bakery—country wheat with chopped rye berries, a crispy crusted French baguette, or a slice of semolina coated in toasted sesame, fennel, and poppy seeds.

Beyond the soups, there are Bagel Fair bagels and pastries from Lauren Day of The Chef’s Academy, as well as salads (including a massive Vonnegut Wedge with duck bacon)—all conveniently packaged to go. Good thing, since chairs are limited to a tight row of bar stools. This summer, expect to see the downtown lunch crowd consuming gazpacho and cucumber soup on the steps of the Monument. 7 E. Market St., 317-423-0780,

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This article appeared in the May 2014 issue.