Swoon List: 5 Things We Adore Right Now

  1. Sun King Wee Mac dark chocolate truffles at The Best Chocolate in Town (880 Massachusetts Ave., 317-294-2378).
  2. Those cute chocolate-covered almonds that look exactly like olives. Available at Simply Sweet Shoppe (30 N. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-818-9866).
  3. Cheesy Potato Casserole at the Historic Steer-In (5130 E. 10th St., 317-356-0996). Gooey and partially browned shredded spuds and cheddar, available for weekend breakfast (and while supplies last).
  4. Scratch food truck’s decadently messy interpretation of gooey, cheesy, greasy poutine, the Canadian guilty pleasure that dresses up seasoned French fries with melted cheese curds and thin brown gravy.
  5. (In keeping with the potato theme), the It’s Not Easy Being Green pizza at Napolese (114 E. 49th St., 317-925-0765), a fire-blasted pie that marries tender new potatoes, crunchy on top and soft inside, with pesto and mushrooms.