Swoon List: 5 Things We Adore Right Now

  1. The Perfect Protein Salad from Duos food truck.
  2. Crispy/chewy (chewspy?) fried Pretzel Dunkers at Fox and Hound (4901 E. 82nd St., 317-913-1264; 14490 Lowes Way, Carmel, 317-844-0075), served frites-style in a paper-lined basket with creamy queso for dipping. (Tip: Ask for mustard as well.)
  3. The adorable Cheesecake in a Jar at Oakleys Bistro (1464 W. 86th St., 317-824-1231).
  4. A basket of herby, cheese-dusted seasoned fries at Scotty’s Lakehouse (10158 Brooks School Rd., Fishers, 317-577-2900).
  5. Cool, fresh jumbo lump crab salad scattered over miniature avocado pancakes—all drizzled with bright citrus butter and pureed mango—at Indigo Duck (39 E. Court St., Franklin, 317-560-5805).