Swoon List 7.8.14

Five Things We Adore Right Now
  1. The panini-pressed Cuban Slide, respectfully stacked with roasted pork, tasso, Swiss, and the essential garnish of pickle slice and mustard smear at Fletcher Place’s new hangout, Chilly Water Brewing Co. (719 Virginia Ave., Suite 105, 317-603-4779).
  2. A hulking serving of fish and chips at Nine Irish Brothers (575 Massachusetts Ave., 317-964-0990), battered in Harp lager.
  3. Libertine’s (38 E. Washington St., 317-631-3333) tangy coconut-infused refresher, Let’s Have a Tiki.
  4. The generously stuffed lobster roll at Caplinger’s Fresh Catch Seafood Market (7460 N. Shadeland Ave., 317-288-7293), accompanied by a miniature side of homemade greens.
  5. Shoefly’s (122 E. 22nd St., 317-283-5007) Hoosier take on a hush puppy: crispy sweet corn and ghost-pepper cheese doughnut holes with a ladle of piquant squash salsa.