Swoon List 9.15.15

Five Things We Adore Right Now

The Swoon List compiles our latest food-and-drink favorites. They’re not ranked, just delicious.

The diet-wrecking pastrami poutine at Union 50 (620 N. East St., 317-610-0234), piled with house-cured meat.



Revery’s (299 W. Main St., Greenwood, 317-215-4164) melt-in-your-mouth-tender short rib atop whipped sweet potatoes.


The short rib entree at Revery
The short-rib entree at Revery


A slab of rich, tangy meatloaf at Chef Dan’s Southern Comfort (5539 E. Washington St., 317-737-1801) with a side of green beans and peppery mac ’n’ cheese.


Meatloaf at Chef Dan's
Meatloaf at Chef Dan’s


A warm, soft chocolate-chip scone served fresh out of the oven at Tilly’s Tea Room (8745 E. 116th St., 317-316-1121).


A chocolate chip scone from Tilly's Tea Room
A chocolate-chip scone from Tilly’s Tea Room


The quintessential quiche at Eggshell Bistro (51 W. City Center Dr., Carmel, 317-660-1616), strewn with bits of bacon, roasted tomatoes, caramelized leeks, and Comte cheese atop a delicate multigrain crust.


The quintessential quiche at Eggshell Bistro
The quintessential quiche at Eggshell Bistro