Swoon List: Donut Refinery, Revery, Milktooth, And More

Five* things we’re craving right now.
» Made-to-order vanilla cake donuts from Donut Refinery (12525 Old Meridian St., 317-669-2996) in Carmel: chocolate icing with rainbow sprinkles, white icing with fruity pebbles, and glazed with lemon drizzle and sea salt.
» Waiting is the hardest part: A crispy cauliflower wedge with tahini sauce and salad of endive, olives, pepitas, currants, and herbs from Milktooth (534 Virginia Avenue, 317-986-5131).
» Seared and silky foie gras at Revery (299 W. Main St., Greenwood, 317-215-4164), arranged on a plate of macerated berries and granola.
» Worth the drive: Lucious Burrata Classic from Catello’s Mozzarella Bar (103 E State Street, Pendleton, 317-498-05906).
» A Not-So-Fat Veggie Burger featuring a generous bean-based pattie, avocado, cheddar cheese, shredded carrot, and lettuce from Fat Dan’s Deli (410 E. Michigan St., 317-600-3333).
*BONUS: Quarterback with tender shoulder between shrub of greens at Milktooth.