Swoon List: Georgia Reese’s, Sangrita Saloon, and More

Five Things We Adore Right Now

The Swoon List compiles our latest food-and-drink favorites. They’re not ranked, just delicious.

Georgia Reese’s (14 E. Washington St., 317-986-7883) hot fried chicken, with crunchy skin set ablaze with spicy chili oil.

Fundido at Sangrita Saloon
Queso fundido at Sangrita Saloon

Sangrita Saloon’s (834 E. 64th St., 317-377-4779) savory, smoky queso fundido, drizzled with red-pepper oil and sprinkled with hunks of Smoking Goose chorizo.

The Yaka Hula Hickey Dula at Dick's Last Resort
The Yaka Hula Hicka Dula at Dick’s Last Resort

The fruity, boozy Yaka Hula Hicka Dula cocktail at Dick’s Last Resort (111 W. Maryland St., 317-608-2456), infused with rum, pineapple juice, and dry vermouth and served in a souvenir Mason-jar mug.

Thai noodle wrap at Circle City Soups
Thai noodle wrap at Circle City Soups

The Thai noodle wrap from Circle City Soups (222 E. Market St., 317-632-3644) encases shredded lettuce, hunks of chicken, and rice noodles.

The Naughty Grl'd Cheese Tartine at Spoke & Steele
The Naughty Grl’d Cheese Tartine at Spoke & Steele

Spoke & Steele’s (123 S. Illinois St., 317-737-1616) Naughty Grl’d Cheese Tartine: a slice of Amelia’s City Loaf crowned with soft Brillat Savarin cheese, ’nduja (spreadable salami), Asian pear, fig marmalade, and arugula.