Swoon List: La Parada, Twenty Tap, And More

Five things we’re craving right now.

The perfect afternoon pick-me-up, this Instagram-worthy latte can be found at Pearings Café (6 W. Washington St., 317-608-6456).

The avocado omelet prepared with egg white, avocado, heirloom tomato salsa, and arugula from Louie’s Wine Dive (345 Massachusetts Ave., 317-929-1644).

Louie’s Wine Dive makes a delicious and healthy omelet

A stand-and-eat order of Let Go My Tacho from the 5280 Bistro food truck (11850 Allisonville Rd., Fishers, 317-537-2705). A paper basket of hot, crunchy tater tots, which get topped with chicken and steak, plus plenty of salsa verde and queso blanco.

5280 Bistro has some killer tots

La Parada (1642 E. New York St., 317-917-0095) serves a humongous Burrito Bandera, draped in a Mexican flag of sauces and stuffed with your choice of meat. (But go shredded beef or go home.)

Burrito Bandera from La Parada

The delightfully satisfying chicken and smoked sausage étouffée from Twenty Tap (5406-08 N. College Ave., 317-602-8840) made with white rice, Cajun-spiced sherry and butter sauce, grilled chicken, smoked sausage, and scallions.

Étouffée from Twenty Tap