Swoon List: Liter House, Moontown, And More

Five things we’re craving right now.

A cinnamon scone from the pastry case at Pearings (6 W. Washington St., 317-608-6456).

The shrimp-and-crab-legs combo ordered from the pick-up window at Chef Oya’s The Trap (3355 N. Keystone Ave., 317-762-6172). Get it doused in Yaad Jerk sauce for a spicy, tangy kick. Dig deep for the potatoes, veggies, corn, and boiled egg at the bottom. And load up on napkins.

The shrimp-and-crab-legs combo from Chef Oya’s The Trap

The newly opened Liter House (5301 Winthrop Ave., 463-221-2800) dishes up a Texas Brisket Goulash that combines smoked brisket, tomatoes, ancho peppers, paprika, crème fraiche, and scallions atop housemade spaetzle.

Texas Brisket Goulash by Liter House

Warm masa quesadillas folded over sautéed veggies and loads of stretchy queso, one of the kitchen’s weekly interpretations of the Mexican corn-dough staple at Festiva (1217 E. 16th St., 317-635-4444).

Festiva’s masa quesadillas

Moontown Brewing Company (345 S. Bowers St., Whitestown, 317-769-3880) presents its pulled-pork sandwich with coleslaw, dijonnaise, and pickles.

Pulled-pork sandwich from Moontown Brewing Company