The Pizza Joint Serving Up Sentimental Slice After Slice

Dionne Butler brings back his family’s beloved pizza to The Amp.

DIONNE BUTLER says when he started toying with the idea of reopening his parents’ much-missed westside pizza chain, Butler’s Pizza, he had to accept that pizza is in his DNA. “I grew up on pizza in that restaurant. When I broke the news to my mom and dad, they were so happy,” he says.

Choosing The Amp food hall as the site of the pizzeria wasn’t a hard decision. “It’s been a great experience from start to finish,” Butler says as he walks between the shipping container food stalls. What makes Butler’s Pizza so special that fans are lining up? It could be the Grippo’s chips and Faygo. It could be the friendly service. It’s likely those, plus the family’s well-guarded sauce recipe. Dionne says he’ll answer any questions about reviving Butler’s Pizza, but he will keep that secret to himself. 1220 Waterway Blvd., 317-600-5463