Tinker Street

Best Restaurant 2018 Winner

Tinker Street

Editor’s note: Between the publishing of the print magazine and the posting of this article, Tinker Street  experienced a brief closure spurred by a staff walkout. However, the restaurant has regrouped under new ownership and a majority of the former staff have returned to work. Thanks to the steps taken by owner Tom Main and owner/chef Braedon Kellner, Tinker Street is open for business again and remains one of our 25 Best Restaurants.

It is no longer the guarded secret that turned savvy foodies into pot de crème Gollums, hoping the masses wouldn’t latch onto Tinker Street’s dinner-party ambience and elevated cuisine. After two years, the neighborhood bistro is fair game, casting an alluring spell from its wee Herron-Morton digs. Limited storage keeps the wine list lean and mean, vetted with laser precision to complement chef Braedon Kellner’s evolving creations. On any given visit, guests might be tempted by cornmeal blini with pawpaw butter, handmade gnocchi with butter-poached Maine lobster and a dusting of truffles, or a shrimp and grits recipe that’s so beloved, fans refuse to let it go off the menu. Samples of something bubbly as soon as you’re seated set the tone for the convivial meal to come. As for that pot de crème with the toasted marshmallow top and hickory ash? It is still our precious.

A party room has dedicated kitchen space and seating for 16.

“We’re working to indicate vegan wines on our menu, and we’re adding some higher-quality wines in 375-milliliter half-bottles.” — Kyle Pate, sommelier


402 E. 16th St., 317-925-5000