What’s in That Tiramisu from Oakleys Bistro?

Oakleys Bistro gives the traditional Italian dessert a sexy makeover with plenty of delicious accessories.

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  • Chocolate-caramel sauce provides a dose of sweetness.
  • Two marshmallow treatments–one soft and fluffy, the other dried and crispy–add some campfire whimsy.
  • Dehydrated chocolate mousse introduces a thin crunch to the traditionally silky standard.
  • Amaretto mascarpone cheese brings decadence.
  • Espresso, lime zest, and sugar transform into a firm gelee when combined with agar agar, an all-natural gelling agent.
  • Rich chocolate dough is baked and pulverized to create a crumb “soil.”
  • Freshly singed cinnamon toast flavors a scoop of housemade ice cream.