Indy’s Top Five Moscow Mule Twists

American Ass at Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery, 702 Virginia Ave., 317-653-1806,

Think Russian Standard vodka is for commies? Settle in at this Fletcher Place distillery and savor the smooth drink spiked with house-distilled vodka.


Spicy Texas Mule at North End Barbecue, 1250 E. 86th St., 317-614-7427,

This Tex-Mex version gets its twang from ginger beer cowboyed up with chipotle agave nectar, plus a finish of habanero bitters. The result: a bracingly cold Tito’s vodka cocktail in a copper mug with a subtly smoky finish.


Mezcal Mule at La Mulita, 5215 N. College Ave., 317-925-0677,

This is the Marlboro Man’s order: strong and smoky thanks to Mexican mezcal standing in for vodka. You’ll smell it before you taste it, and then you’ll taste it for a while.


Red MuleEnergized
Red Mule at Tini, 717 Massachusetts Ave., 317-384-1313,

For those who have been scarred by a bad nightclub experience with Red Bull, rest assured this won’t be a replay. The energy drink’s acidic flavor pairs well with the mule’s standard lime for an extra-fruity, extra-boozy, dance-all-night elixir.


Indiana Mule at JW Marriott Lobby Bar, 10 S. West St., 317-860-5800,

Raspberry syrup tints the Indiana Vodka a blush color and lends the light cocktail extra sweetness. Don’t eat the crystallized-ginger garnish, but do dunk the plump raspberries into the drink and nibble away.