Flavor of the Month: Spot On

The Good Spot is perfect for families, food, and neighborhood fellowship.
Photography by Tony Valainis

ON THE QUIET strip of Southeastern Avenue that bumps into the new southside roundabout sits the brightly lit barbecue and wing joint The Good Spot (2023 Southeastern Ave., 317-943-9111) It’s not just a bar, and it’s not just a restaurant. It’s a neighborhood gathering place for everyone—from families hanging out with their kids, to friends grabbing a drink after work, to neighbors noshing on apps and a few beers while waiting for their turn on karaoke night.

When Omar Hasan and LaRhonda Clark opened the restaurant in February 2023, their plan was for The Good Spot to uplift the outskirts of Fountain Square and foster neighborhood community. “The area really needed this, and Omar knew it was a food desert. It needed something to bring it back to life,” says Clark. “We always knew it was going to be a family restaurant. A place where we all know each other. That’s what we wanted—somewhere everyone knows your name.”