Making Waves: The Extension Expert

Want to add color without dye or add thickness to thin hair? This expert in all things extensions has you covered.
Photography by Jes Nijjer

A STYLIST with more than a decade of experience, Alex Sheets of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (11547 Yard St.) in Fishers is all about extensions. The hype over them has escalated in the last couple years, especially in connection with the super-long “mermaid hair” trend. But if you think extensions are just for 20-somethings seeking to emulate the hottest Instagram look, you may want to reconsider. Sheets emphasizes that these additions can be a styling solution in a variety of scenarios. For example, installing some locks for a pop of color can help add dimension without having to introduce dye into your hair. Have thin hair? Look into extensions to add fullness, whether it’s just a few strands next to your face or a full set to create volume all over.

Sheets encounters many clients who are wary of extensions because of what they were like 10 or 15 years ago, but quality has vastly improved over the last decade. Sheets proudly uses 100 percent human hair extensions. “You can’t feel them as much [as before]. They make them really light and easy to work with now,” she says. Today’s extensions blend in better, are less bothersome, and just look more natural.

An in-person consultation is the first step to extensions. “There’s so much opportunity with extensions,” says Sheets. “But I need to be able to see and touch the hair and have a conversation about what your goals are.” Thoughtful planning will ensure great results and a style that grows out seamlessly.

Extensions are an investment, so maintaining them properly is key. During the consultation, discuss upkeep so you’re prepared. Sheets says that salon-quality, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner are musts. Keeping hair moisturized, especially in the winter, is essential, too. Extensions don’t have the scalp oils natural hair gets, so they dry out quicker, explains Sheets. To remedy dryness, turn to a leave-in conditioner or oil on days you don’t wash and condition. Using a heat protectant when blow-drying helps as well.