After 90 Years, The Golden Ace Inn Is Still A Family Affair

One of Indy’s oldest Irish bars has stayed in the family for three generations (and counting).
Ginden Ace Inn Cheeseburger
The cheeseburgers at McGinley’s Golden Ace Inn have been prepared in the same cast iron pans since the Prohibition ended. Photo: Tony Valainis/Indianapolis Monthly

McGinley’s Golden Ace Inn
2533 E. Washington St.

When Irish immigrants John and Ann McGinley opened the Golden Ace in 1934, they installed the same stove that grandson Jim McGinley uses to prepare the bar’s cheeseburgers today. Fried “in cast iron skillets older than any of us,” the burgers are “nothing fancy, just delicious,” McGinley says.

They also serve to soak up the effects of the Golden Ace’s signature shot, a take on the Irish Flag that trades Jameson for the Grand Marnier you typically see at the top of the drink. Its other layers of crème de menthe and Baileys Irish cream easily evoke the Irish colors, but “you have to use your imagination a bit to see the orange,” McGinley concedes of the twist. “But what’s more Irish than Irish whiskey?