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If you’re the kind of diner who hems and haws over a menu, incapable of making a decision, sampler platters are made for you. These four combinations offer a selection of flavors to please everyone in your party—and will keep you from feeling like you’re missing out.

Taste of Abyssinia Combo at Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

Since 2003, Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant has represented the East African nation’s food and culture with warm, family-style dining. Their generous combos, good for omnivores and vegetarians alike, are the best way to experience the Orthodox nation’s cuisine. Expect tasty mounds of yellow beans, hearty lentils, and braised spinach veggies, as well as lamb, beef, and either a mildly spiced or more the more potent berbere-marinated chicken stew, Yedoro Wett, which is served with egg. 5352 W. 38th St., 317-299-0608, $$$ 

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Iyan Combo at AFS Kitchen

Iyan (“ee-yan”), the mound of smooth and starchy pounded yam also known as “swallow” at many Nigerian restaurants, is not just a comforting carb to round out a dish—it’s also the vehicle to mop up rich sauces during a hand-eaten meal. Order yours with any two of AFS Kitchen’s braised meats, such as goat or turkey, served with a fiery stew of spinach and grated squash. 4150 Lafayette Rd., 317-991-4153, $$ 

Banchan at Sisters Korean Restaurant

The assortment of pickles, salads, and piquant side items with Buddhist roots known as banchan (“bon-chon”) is as much a satisfaction at a Korean restaurant as rich entrees like grilled beef bulgogi or sizzling bibimbap. With its homey atmosphere, Sisters Koreanedelweiss Restaurant in Greenwood brings out nearly a dozen for diners to nibble or use to flavor their rice and entrees, from radish kimchi, to tender marinated sweet potatoes, to tasty slices of scallion pancake. 916 E. Main St., Greenwood, 317-300-1741, $$$ 

German Sampler Platter at Edelweiss Restaurant

The restaurant component of the German American Klub of Indianapolis, Edelweiss serves up a hearty sampler highlighting the best of the wursts—knacks, brats, and metts sourced from Claus’ German Sausage and Meats, all sliced into forkable bites for sharing and served on a bed of red cabbage and sauerkraut with hot mustard on the side. 8602 S. Meridian St., 317–888–6940, $$