Taste Test: Hot Wings

These spicy poultry picks bring the heat—and the flavor.
Photography by Tony Valainis

Chatham Tap

The popular sweet-and-spicy signature sauce for Prince Dean’s Angel Wings—named by the chef in honor of his late son—gives these wings that perfect punch. The drums and flats are steamed, then fried to a crisp in a light rice flour coating before saucing. Multiple locations


Photography by Tony Valainis

Ale Emporium

You can’t mention wings in Indy without Ale Emporium’s Hermanaki Wings entering the conversation. Available in boneless and traditional, these babies’ delicious combination of peppers, spices, and teriyaki has earned them a nearly cult- like following. Multiple locations


Photography by Tony Valainis

Fat Dan’s Chicago-Style Deli

These plump, jumbo chicken wings marinate for 24 hours before being flash-fried to order. Owner Dan Jarman grows the habaneros for his flamin’ hot house sauce, served on the side to help customers maintain their composure when the heat sets in. Multiple locations


Photography by Tony Valainis

The Good Spot

A prep process that involves dipping flats and drums in a house-made sauce, frying to crunchy perfection, then seasoning and saucing again with garlic buffalo, Jamaican jerk, vindaloo, or flaming hot honey is the secret behind the Good Spot’s Southern-style wing success. Shh. Don’t tell anybody. 2023 Southeastern Ave., 317-943-9111