Tinker Coffee’s Golden Milk Draws Buzz

A bottle of Golden Milk.
Golden Milk from Tinker Coffee Co.

Photo courtesy Tinker Coffee Co.

For most java fans, the name Tinker Coffee Co. is synonymous with single-origin coffees from Ethiopia or Brazil. Lately, the boutique bean roaster responsible for so many luxe morning buzzes has been offering a somewhat more calming brew. Oat-based with vibrant undertones of ginger and turmeric, Tinker’s new bottled golden milk is an aromatic elixir that will soothe no matter what time of day you drink it.

A popular beverage across India and the U.K., golden milk is a newcomer to the U.S. Potential health benefits range from reducing inflammation to simply lightening the mood. It tastes as sweet and delicious straight out of its plastic bottle as it does heated gently to bring out additional flavors of lemongrass and black pepper.

Tinker has rolled out several other grab-and-go options since spring. If you want more of a caffeinated kick, try the single-serving spiced latte or the masala chai, which has a similar zingy flavor profile blended with black tea.