Warm Up To These Autumn Coffee Drinks

Over The Garden Wall Latte with pumpkin, squash, and warming spices. Milktooth, 534 Virginia Ave., 317-986-5131

Photo by Suzanne Krowiak

PUMPKIN SPICE HAS somehow turned into a Rorschach test for our times. When those words start popping up around us as temperatures drop and sweater season beckons, it’s perceived as a sign of either seasonal joy or corporate overkill. Sure, pumpkin spice Frosted Flakes may not be your cup of tea, but would it kill you to let people enjoy their seasonal cereal in peace? We’re nearly two years into a pandemic, and if people find joy at the bottom of a bag of pumpkin spice tortilla chips, we’ll raise a glass of our pumpkin spice beer to them.

And here’s some pumpkin spice cliff notes: Pumpkin spice doesn’t actually contain pumpkin. Instead, it refers to the spices that are often used to make pumpkin pie, like cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger. So, it’s basically fall flavors. If you can stop getting hung up on the word pumpkin, you may find that this is the latte you’ve been looking for.

Behold some of our favorite fall specialty lattes. Some with pumpkin, some without; all locally made, and all undeniably delicious.