Blown Away

Mega-brand Drybar is the hotspot your hair deserves.

At long last, Drybar, the blowout queen with nearly 100 locations around the country, just made its Indianapolis debut with a location near The Fashion Mall. It’s more than a concept—it’s a culture. The signature yellow of the blowdryers has a name, Buttercup. Rom-coms play on big screens. You’re immediately offered a complimentary glass of wine or champagne. Women charge their phones or work on laptops as stylists run brushes through their hair. Here, founder Alli Webb fills us in on the rest.

Who is Drybar for?
AW: When we started Drybar, I really thought it was for curly-haired girls with unruly hair that they couldn’t manage. I grew up in South Florida always having frizzy hair, which I think started my whole obsession with blowouts. But I’ve been so surprised that women who have all different types of hair have come to love it and make it a part of their lives—for anything big and important, or just everyday.

What sets Drybar apart from salons that do blowouts?
AW: Stylists trained just to style your hair are unique. What we do is not like what most people think of when they get their hair cut and blown out. A regular stylist blows out hair very simply so you can see the cut. Here, you’re getting that celebrity look you can never get at home.

Why chick flicks?
AW: A friend just told me, “I went to Drybar the other day. I was having a really bad day, and then I was sitting there drinking champagne and watching a movie, and I felt so much better.” While it seems kind of silly—it’s just hair and blowouts—it’s a mood lifter. I’ve heard from clients over the years that it’s this escape.

How can we beat the Midwest’s brutal humidity?
AW: Lean into it with messy, beachy waves. I want as much texture as I can get. A year ago, the Cosmo—loose curls that are soft but polished—was our most requested style. But we’ve seen a shift because of this trend to the Cosmo-Tai, which is basically a messier version.

What’s your hair mantra?
AW: I always think of great hair as this coat of armor that women have.

Drybar Indianapolis
8685 River
Crossing Blvd.,

$45 per session