My Look: Get Flasky Owner Ashten Houpt's Felt Fedora

The founder of a little project that blew up explains her hat and hair appeal.

Get Flasky founder Ashten Houpt doesn’t look the part of businesswoman—especially now that she has dyed her platinum locks pink. But with her custom flasks sold in 44 stores nationwide, the 24-year-old has reason to hold her signature chapeau high.

You’ve found the perfect hat.
Everyone asks me where it’s from. I got it at Forever 21. My head is shaved on the sides, so I wear hats a lot.

Why’d you shave your head?
[My hair] was way too girl-next-door. And I wanted edgier than that.

So edgy’s your style?
Soft-edgy, but professional.

Where do you shop?
Mainly at Retro 101 [a fashion truck]. I actually sell my flasks on her bus. And Niche boutique in Broad Ripple. I also sell my flasks there.

How did your flask business start?
I had gone through a divorce. He was a doctor who couldn’t go out to bars, so I had never been to a bar, and I was 22. I went out and realized it was really expensive to drink. So I took glue and scrapbooking paper and just made a flask. I put it on social media, and it blew up. Sold out at First Friday in Fountain Square.

What’s your secret?
Just effing do it. There are no excuses.

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This article appeared in the April 2014 issue.