My Look: Jennifer Pace Robinson

The Children’s Museum CEO’s playful personality shows through at work … and in her closet.
Photo by Tony Valainis

Oooh, cool tee shirt!
This look is an old favorite and has become my uniform. I love to mix colors and patterns. My husband is back and forth to New York City for work, so he brings me souvenir tee shirts that I dress up with jackets.

How does working at the museum affect your approach to your personal style?
I work at the largest children’s museum in the world, so I better be colorful and exude fun. I also love to collect jewelry and scarves from my world travels. I like to have stories and memories from people I have met in other parts of the world. One of my favorite necklaces is an Ankh I got in Egypt with my best friend Shimo, who is an archaeologist and tour guide in Egypt.

Oh, and I have to be able to run around a lot! I mostly always wear flats or sneakers. There are so many fun options for sneakers now. My favorite brands are Adidas and Puma.

What is your philosophy about accessories? Is there one type that you would say is part of your signature look? 
I am known for my funky glasses and also colorful jewelry. If I have to wear trifocals, I better adore them and have lots of options.

What is your favorite local fashion shopping spot?  
I love Shop Tibet on Westfield Boulevard in Broad Ripple for jewelry and scarves.

What’s next on your shopping wish list?
I think it’s time for a new pair of sneakers …

Do you have a favorite designer? 
I really don’t. I admire how women mix patterns, colors, and different styles with confidence. I love seeing women wearing comfortable clothes that are still snappy and professional.

Do any celebrities inspire you fashion-wise? 
Iris Apfel! She has such confidence and wears what she wants! As I get older, I grow in my confidence with her as my inspiration.