My Look: Maxie

Local Indy rapper and owner of Nap or Nothing talks fashion and more with us.
Photo by Tony Valainis

Who’s your favorite fashion designer and why?
At this moment, I’d say my favorite fashion designer is Matthew Sims. He’s a local fashion designer, and his brand is called Slumhaus. I’ve been working with that brand for almost a decade, and I’ve seen their growth firsthand, from the graphic designs to the messaging to the quality. If I’m not wearing my own brand, then the majority of the time I’m probably wearing another local brand. And it would probably be the Slumhaus brand, which is part of the Nap or Nothing shop.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop locally?
Since high school, I’ve been shopping at this store on 38th and Meridian called Hangtime. I have a pretty close relationship with the owner. So I go there to get clothes, sneakers, and things of that nature. As of late, I’ve also been shopping at this store called Corporate, which is on South Meridian. I’ve been going there to check out sneakers. They’re originally based out of Cincinnati. I just like that they have branding relationships with NFL and NBA teams. My guy also just opened up a store that I’ve been shopping at called We Don’t Run From Adversity in the Stutz building.

What are some of your go-to accessories?
I’ve gotta have some socks that match the outfit. I’ve always liked to match from head to toe. I don’t want to overly match, but I want to be fresh. So the socks and the cap are mandatory. Even when I have a fresh fade, I’m still rockin’ the cap. If it’s sunny outside, you also have to have a nice pair of sunglasses. Even when it’s not sunny, I still might throw a nice pair of reader frames on just to match the outfit and look fresh.

What are some things people might see you wearing in the winter months?
Right now, we’re switching it up to sweatsuits and hoodies. I’m about to get back in the cardigan game and get some fresh-ass cardigans. It’s also beanie season. I still wear a snapback in any weather if the outfit demands it, but with it getting a little chillier, it’s beanie season.

How would you describe the pieces at your Mass Ave boutique, Nap or Nothing?
The fashion you’ll see in Nap or Nothing represents the city of Naptown to the fullest. The items that are great quality. The colors are popping. We’re pushing the culture forward, not only through the messaging but through different designs and logos.