ShopTalk: Agrarian Urban-Farming Boutique

The lifestyle itself hatches a new shop.

You’ve surely heard of “glamping” (glam camping), but “glarming”? Anne Collins, Andrew Brake, and David Stuckert are making city farming posh with Agrarian Urban Homestead and Supply, their new SoBro boutique. Unfinished-wood shelving, chandelier lighting, and a large coop that puts the “chic” in chicken-raising (Stuckert custom-builds enclosures, starting at $700) make the shop feel more like the inside of a Pinterest-inspired barn than your typical feed-and-seed. Trendy glass honey pots by Blomus ($26) and delicate, hand-painted egg crates ($24) would make Old MacDonald jealous, but the wares veer practical, too.

“You can find feed for your chickens or an anniversary present for your wife,” Brake says about Agrarian, which is the only shop of its kind in Indy—and conveniently located in the city’s backyard-chicken-farming vortex.

Expect a rotating inventory throughout the year: seeds and gardening tools in the spring, canning supplies in the fall, and gift items for the holidays—everything urban pioneers need for their own Little House on the Prairie. 661 E. 49th St., 317-938-1199,