A Trip to the Lash Lounge

Why eyelash extensions are becoming Indy’s new beauty must.

It took a while for this coastal trend to take hold in Indiana, but locals desiring seductive eyes like Adele’s or flirtatious flutterers like Katy Perry’s are penciling in eyelash extensions at The Lash Lounge. Aestheticians—carefully trained at the franchise’s headquarters in Texas—lean over a massage bed to painstakingly attach single synthetic lashes to each of your natural ones. But don’t be put off by the tweezers and medical-grade glue. Many regulars, in fact, have been known to doze off during a session. And while the first application takes about two hours, the recommended upkeep appointments only last around 30 minutes.

The idea of perking up my tired eyes was tempting. But considering I normally have wimpy mascara-free lashes, I didn’t want to leave looking like I could sweep the floors just by blinking—that’s entirely too dramatic for life as a stay-at-home mama. An affable aesthetician guided me through a corporate-looking stylebook, discussing length, curl, thickness, and shape. We agreed on the look: “beauty” in lightweight mink versus the heavier silk (a $15 upgrade). Then she delicately applied more than 60 lashes per eye—and I couldn’t even smell the glue. Freshly lashed, I immediately admired my more youthful eyes and the lengthened lashes with a subtle, delicate curl. They were insanely comfortable, natural-looking lashes—that cost a small fortune. The initial visit runs $250 to $400, and (cheaper) maintenance appointments are recommended every two to three weeks. Talk about an eye-opener.


726 Adams St., Carmel, 317-494-7346, thelashlounge.com


First visit: $250–$400
Follow-up: $30–$75