A Hoosier’s New Netflix Show Debuts

Nurse Jamie Skin Decision Netflix
Jamie Sherrill, aka Nurse Jamie

Photo courtesy Nurse Jamie Healthy Skin Solutions

Jamie Sherrill, known on the internet as Nurse Jamie, is the founder of L.A.’s Beauty Park Medical Spa. After rising to cult status among the Hollywood elite, she opened a second location in Abu Dhabi, of course, then launched her own anti-aging skincare line sold at high-end retailers like Nordstrom, Sephora, and Neiman Marcus. Next stop? Netflix. Nurse Jamie co-hosts a brand-new show, Skin Decision: Before and After, helping clients get comfortable with their bodies. All eight episodes are available to stream now.

Nurse Jamie’s “before” photo exists somewhere in an Indiana yearbook. Like boyfriend John Mellencamp, Sherrill grew up in Jackson County. We’re guessing that’s partly what united her with the “Small Town” singer because, really, what are the odds? Recently, the couple was spotted at Evil by the Needle, a popular tattoo parlor in Bloomington. According to the tattoo artist, Mellencamp was there for moral support. Guess tattoos are skincare-friendly, then?

Nurse Jamie Skin Decision Netflix
Nurse Jamie’s Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller

Sherrill was well-established before the couple went public earlier this year (she confirmed the relationship to IM). Her Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller ($69) has gone viral—on one hand not a huge surprise, as face rollers and lymphatic drainage are having a moment. But it’s another thing when A-listers like Lea Michele, Hilary Duff, Chrissy Teigen, and even everyone’s favorite Queer Eye, Jonathan Van Ness, are all over social media using the purple wand as part of their morning routine, pressing and rolling their way to tighter, brighter skin.

On Skin Decision, Nurse Jamie will work her magic alongside Dr. Sheila Nazarian helping real-life clients with common concerns like cystic acne, wrinkles, and more using a combo of cutting-edge surgical and nonsurgical solutions. Ears open for Mellencamp tracks.