Our Top 5 Magazine Events of 2013

The most-viewed IM event photo albums of the year, featuring issue-preview parties and more.

We had a ball this year

at a few bashes in celebration of the city’s top doctors (450-plus), restaurants and bars (25 each), and Best of Indy winners (78 in all), and more.
Honorable Mention: Best Bars PartyWith a live jazz trio playing courtesy of The Chatterbox Jazz Club, revelers joined 25 Best Bars winners and our editors as a cocktail-crafting competition got underway. Partygoers enjoyed hors d’oeuvres made by Ivy Tech Culinary School students at the former Stouffer Hotel, which harbors a fantastic skyline view. As a chaser, here’s that full Best Bars list. [January]
5. Bridal Show (Fall)Get a good look at our most recent bridal show held at Carmel’s Ritz Charles venue, with dozens of the city’s best wedding specialists on hand. Heads up: The next show is this Sunday, Jan. 5. [August]
4. Best Restaurants Event — The tasting session and sit-down dinner event featured the chef-owners of Bluebeard (our Restaurant of the Year) preparing the main course, plus many more chefs and eateries from our 25 Best Restaurants list. Fabulous desserts, macarons and more, appeared as well. [July]
3. Top Doctors Preview PartyThe 2013 class of physicians and their guests descended on a reception in their honor. Many took turns posing in front of a life-sized version of our #IndyTopDocs cover. Plus, here’s the full list and features. [November]
2. #BestofIndy Cover Shots — Dozens of our 78 winners struck poses in front of a life-sized version of the year’s final cover. A little snow couldn’t keep us from partying on Dec. 5 at The Crane Bay event venue near Lucas Oil Stadium. Attendees enjoyed fantastic finds in the realms of art and culture, style, dining, and city life. In short: Owls and bulldogs and pork belly, oh my! [December]
1. Best of Indy Party Shots — Great things arrived in groups this year: fashion trucks, froyo shops, Lily & Madeleine. But there was plenty to single out, too, in this, our annual celebration of the city’s gems. Here’s the full feature. [December]
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