At Home: Debby Knox's Living Room

WISH-TV’s former golden girl won’t rest on her laurels—but she’s happy to display them.

Five months into retirement, Debby Knox is becoming reacquainted with her Golden Hill estate. “My home is like a little old lady that I have time to take care of now,” she says. That includes this modest living room, where personal mementos showcase her distinguished career. But even after being on camera for 33 years, Knox is quick to note she won’t be settling into a rocker anytime soon. “I’ve even thought about getting a motorcycle for the summer months,” Knox says. “I definitely don’t want to sit in a chair and look out the window.”
“My daughter gave me this sculpture of the Greek goddess Artemis that she made in Latin class.”
Seabiscuit Hat
“My sister and I love the movie Seabiscuit, so she got this hat signed for me by famed jockey Chris McCarron, who rode War Admiral in the movie.”
Knox’s collection began when she bought her first teapot on Portobello Road in London. “I’m not looking for a teapot that’s $800 and overly artistic. I prefer the simpler ones that are round, fat, and happy.”
Knox owned a miniature dachshund named Max for 10 years. “Some-times when I dust the room, I’ll say, ‘Hello, Max.’ He became a part of our family.”
“I like to pick up pieces from local artists”—like this Italian landscape—“as long as they make me happy and aren’t outrageously expensive.”
Picture with President Obama
During the holidays in 2012, Knox interviewed the POTUS concerning his plans for job creation. “I was a nervous wreck. And then one of the cameras broke, so we ended up chatting about basketball for a while.”
Several years ago, Knox read The Seven Storey Mountain, an autobiography by Trappist monk Thomas Merton. His spiritual evolution inspired Knox’s yearly retreat to The Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky. “You get to hang out with monks, and you can’t talk at all. I’m trying to seek that idea of inner peace.”