At Home: Kate Drury’s Kitchen

After countless Red Velvet Elvis sales, Indy’s cupcake pioneer treats herself to a vintage remodel.
When Kate Drury opened The Flying Cupcake in 2007, she stayed at the store from dawn to dusk, baking everything herself. Now, the confectionery expert prefers to whip up indulgent treats at her northside abode in this dreamy kitchen, where the color scheme and sweets combine to create a real-life Candy Land.

Rolling Pin

“This is one of the only things I inherited from my grandmother, and I use it all the time,” Drury says. “Even if it was just my mom, dad, brother, and me, this woman would make, like, four pies. We always told her, ‘Grandma, you only have to make one.’ Instead, she would still make coffee cake just in case someone didn’t like pie.”


“I collect a lot of them, but I don’t want it to look like TGI Friday’s in here.”


“This used to be at the Mass Ave store, but I was greedy and wanted it so badly that I brought it back to our house.”

Humpty Dumpty Collection

“My husband finds these to be beyond creepy, but I like them because they incorporate all of my favorite colors,” she says. “I love knickknacks.”


Drury not only still has her mom’s 1970s appliance, but she uses it frequently.

Wolf Oven

This discounted scratch-and-dent model came from Clark Appliance. Typically, a new one would cost $15,000 to $20,000.


Test creations are displayed in an antique cake dome Drury inherited from her mother. Drury’s favorite cupcake is the Homer Simpson—a jelly-filled cupcake with chocolate frosting that’s topped with a homemade strawberry doughnut dipped in strawberry glaze.

Tea Towels

Drury loves English designer Cath Kidston’s decorative linens and kitchenware.


Mint green is Drury’s favorite color to incorporate throughout her home. “If I’m at a flea market, I will literally knock 10 people out of the way to get to anything mint green.”

Recipe Holder

Drury honors her deceased parents by making their recipes. “I kept their card file because when I was little, I remember them looking through it all the time.”

Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the June 2014 issue.