Hot Neighborhoods: Holy Cross

Just east of downtown, this once-sketchy neighborhood has witnessed something of a miracle in recent years. Modest home prices and the proximity to Mass Ave have attracted droves of young professionals. In addition to amenities like the Monon Trail and the Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center, Highland Park—one of the city’s highest points—is a prime spot to watch the Fourth of July fireworks or just have a picnic. Neighborhood-association president and developer Patrick Dubach’s Re-Development Group is finishing up construction on 16 custom homes, ranging from $285,000 to $400,000. Additionally, Dubach has proposed expansion of Holy Cross’s borders, which currently stretch from I-65 east to State Street and from Michigan Street to Washington Street. While it doesn’t yet rival ultra-hip neighborhoods like Fletcher Place, Holy Cross may soon be pushing boundaries—quite literally.0315_map_holycross


The Turning Point
Economic anchor Angie’s List landed in 2001, and the arrival of Smoking Goose Meatery in 2011 kept the ball rolling. Of course, it was the development of downtown that really solidified the area.


What’s Holding Things Back?
Holy Cross may be close to the hustle and bustle of downtown, but thanks to a set of ancient train tracks and the interstate, it’s also cut off from it.


Clay Robinson
Clay Robinson

Commercial Appeal
Patrick Dubach, owner of Re-Development Group, which is making a $3 million investment in various Holy Cross home sites

“What holds back any neighborhood is disinterested outside investors. Holy Cross had a lot of that. But when I moved here myself, I saw a really unique place. The neighborhood meetings are more like celebrations—we get 60 to 100 people. For a small area, that’s a lot. I find that people here really care for each other. Diversity—as far as age and everything else—is celebrated. That’s something worth investing in.”


Who Lives Here?

Clay Robinson
40, married, co-owner of Sun King Brewing

“My wife, Staraya, brought up moving to this area right before she went away for a month. We had just finished remodeling our house in Greenwood, so it seemed crazy to finish a house and then move from it. But during the first few days that she was gone, I slept on my office couch at Sun King and rode a bike everywhere. She called one day as I was cycling around, and I said, ‘I’m riding my bike to Fountain Square, I haven’t been home in three days, and what you said about moving downtown, we should definitely do that.’ I went from driving a car half an hour each way to biking six minutes to work.”


Photo by Tony Valainis

Recent Listings:

» $120,000
131 Herman St., 3 bedrooms, 2 baths

» $175,000
1205 E. Vermont St., 3 bedrooms, 2 baths

» $375,000
1209 E. Vermont St., 4 bedrooms, 3 baths


29 Percent Increase Since 2009

Average Home Price: $164,421