Indy DIY: Goats Are the New Chickens

Locals are billy—we mean, bully—on these cute kids.

Editor’s Note: From raising chickens and goats to knitting a masterpiece to pickling and preserving, we present your ultimate guide to mastering the homespun, do-it-yourself life in Indy. So slip on your gardening gloves, and let’s get dirty. (See all Indy DIY stories here.)

Got Your Goat?

Who gives a cluck about chickens? For urban homesteaders, the next big thing is backyard goats—a shortcut to fresh milk without the mooing. Since 2010, Corey and Erin Hall of Naptown Nigerians have been raising the dwarf variety (which is more cost-efficient to care for than other goat types) and selling the kids to other enthusiasts each spring. Their INTRO TO BACKYARD GOATS session at Agrarian includes how to build an enclosure (these gals can jump, so start with a high fence), overseeing labor and delivery (breeding is required if you’re hoping to get milk), and picking the right food. Hint: It’s not tin cans. $10. June 12. 317-809-8932,

This article appeared in the April 2014 issue.