Realty Check: Social Media Page Viewings

Let Facebook be your agent.

To hack this seller’s market, many are turning to social media—Facebook’s neighborhood and local affinity groups, in particular—to get a jump on fast-moving listings in coveted locations.

That’s how Whitney Rubush sold her three-bedroom, two-bathroom bungalow in Canterbury. She posted a description of the home on the Indy Midtown Swaperoo Facebook page, hoping to test the waters, and was inundated by messages from interested buyers. After the second showing, Rubush received an offer for her full asking price without ever having to list the property.

Midcentury-modern gems are known to show up on the public group page Avriel Shull, Artist and Master Designer. The owners of one of Shull’s Thornhurst properties (pictured) recently used the page to advertise the home for sale and set up viewings. Realtors, too, often pre-market homes as “coming soon,” 48 hours before they list.

Some pages, like the Garfield Park Neighbors Group, are “closed,” so you must ask to join. Others, like Indy Midtown Swaperoo, are “secret” and won’t turn up in search results; an invitation from a member is required—meaning you might have to rely on old-school networking.