Indiana Trails: Three Experts Sound Off

We asked three hiking and biking enthusiasts about their favorites.

Pete Banta
President, Hoosier Hikers Council
“I especially like a trail the Council built a couple of years ago, near Bean Blossom, the Hitz-Rhodehamel Nature Preserve. It’s about three miles long and has ridges, ravines, nice views, and creeks—pleasant to walk, with all the scenery of Brown County without all the crowds. My girlfriend and I go out there and do maintenance, cutting logs, to try to keep it looking good.” 812-837-9445,
Recognized by the Indianapolis Hiking Club in 2013 for the most miles hiked (3,019)
“The Grizzly Park trail behind Franklin College in Johnson County is just so beautiful. It’s one-and-a-half miles and picks up in the country—you can see horses, a really big farm, and lots of lovely trees.”
1014-TRAILEXPERTS_COLLINSSally Marchand Collins
Mountain-bike racer who placed third at the 2007 24-Hour World Championships
“Brown County’s Green Valley guarantees a smile. It’s a fast, swooping trail that causes me to scream like a little girl as I launch off the top of each little roller-coaster peak. There are times I find myself sideways as I punch out of a turn, hoping I hit the ground before the next bend.”
Photos by Stephen Simonetto