Class Act

Salesforce kickstarts the school year for 152 lucky IPS teachers.


Salesforce spent $109,000 to cover 152 crowdfunding requests from IPS teachers this year. Here’s some of the back-to-school booty.

$1,541 – Five Soprano Xylophones
Requested by Aaron Munson Music teacher at IPS William McKinley School 39
“Xylophones are wonderful teaching tools for fine and gross motor skills, maintaining steady beat, identifying note names and spaces, understanding pitch, and promoting early literacy skills. The fulfillment of my project means my students will be able to make more music!”

$1,711 – Tap and Ballet Shoes
Requested by Jennifer Wood Elementary teacher at IPS Francis Parker Montessori School 56
“My dance-club students come from a culture where the only form of dance they know is hip-hop. Last year, they learned tap, jazz, and ballet. They’ve never had dance shoes before, so this will be a great way to start the school year.”

$1,223 – Rifton Adaptive Tricycle
Requested by Ann Mennonno Elementary teacher at IPS Center for Inquiry School 27
“This bike will be used in two Life Skills classrooms to help non-walking students develop muscle strength. Also, using the bike, they will be able to participate in events with other students, like on skateboarding day.”

$224 – Pencils and Electric Sharpeners
Requested by Nicole Scott First-grade teacher at IPS Stephen Foster School 67
“We’re always pausing because someone doesn’t have a pencil or the sharpener won’t work. Just having properly working sharpeners and pencils will make our ability to get classwork done so much better.”

$1,027 – Zoo Field Trip
Requested by Katrina Larson Teacher at George Washington Community High School
“Although Indianapolis is fortunate to have a zoo, a lot of my students have never been able to visit due to financial reasons. This donation will allow students to see real-life examples of biological concepts we’ve discussed throughout the year.”

This article appeared in the September 2015 Issue.