Culture Q&A: Jim Belushi

On February 8, the former Saturday Night Live star visits the Palladium with The Board of Comedy. We gave him the mic before the show.

What should the audience expect when you and the troupe visit Indy this month?
It’s similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway?—we make it up on the spot. We ask the audience for scenes, and then we go from there.

You’re a sports fan, so I’m assuming you were in a fantasy football league this year. Any love for the Colts on your roster?
I tried to get Andrew Luck, but the guy right before me in the draft took him. I got T.Y. Hilton, though, and he did very well.

Does comedy run in your genes, or do you expect your kids to pursue other things?
Hard to say. My sixth-grade son is the president of his student council.

That’s impressive! What’s it like to have a politician in the family?
It’s difficult because I never know if he’s telling the truth.