Q&A: Matthew Kraemer

After conducting orchestras across the globe, Indy maestro returns home.
The Ticket 2015

Meet your new maestro: After conducting stints in Europe and Pennsylvania, Kraemer is returning to the campus of his alma mater, Butler University, to helm the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra. He sounded off to us.


IM: How does it feel to return to your home state?
It’s overwhelming. It is an incredible feeling because the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra was the orchestra that I listened to while I was a student at Butler University.
IM: What’s your conducting style?
Collegial, collaborative, discerning, and energetic.
IM: What are your goals for your first year directing the ICO?
To create excitement in the community—to get the name of the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra out so that everyone knows that one of the finest chamber orchestras in the country is right at home in Indianapolis.
IM: What music are you listening to these days?
I’m listening to several operas at the moment, including Madame Butterfly and Wozzeck.
IM: Pick a Top 40 musician to collaborate with.
I don’t know off the top of my head. Adam Levine is with Maroon 5, right? My wife would probably have me say Adam Levine, even though I don’t listen to much Top 40.
IM: You’ve talked about how you love cooking in your free time. So what’s your favorite place to eat in Indy?
I’m looking forward to finding these incredible restaurants that weren’t here 16 years ago. As a “classic every time that I come back to town,” it’s usually St. Elmo or Harry & Izzy’s because they’re downtown. But Black Market was a wonderful restaurant that I went to with several board members. It was a phenomenal find.


The Ticket 2015This article appeared in The Ticket, a 2015 special publication.