Unspoken Rules of Klipsch Music Center

Let the good times roll.
Don’t be those parents—find a babysitter.

There are no shortcuts to the venue, but regulars tend to prefer 146th Street.

Park, tailgate—and prepare to hold it. Shortest bathroom lines are during the performance.

Security will check purses and pockets. Smart patrons carry only a wad of cash and their ID.

Keep that ID close. Hand stamp or no, bartenders card 90 percent of the time.

Concession stands on the north and south hills serve mixed drinks and hotdogs.

Lines are long everywhere. Cocktails: order doubles. Beer: order two.

For “no blanket” shows, always have someone guard your lawn spot.

Annual Dave Matthews Band protocol (July 17–18): Friday is youth-heavy, Saturday attracts diehard fans and seasoned partiers.

Bartenders know when last call is. Some play dumb. Keep asking.

Leave during the encore to beat the traffic.

Partied out? There’s an Uber tent near the exit.


This article appeared in the July 2015 issue.